Buzz Pages - Property Magazine

Unlike other property agencies which give you limited options. Buzz Properties gives the best of both worlds. Not only do you get a listing on the Buzz Properties website which allows you to manage all aspects of the process yourself, you also get a listing in Buzz Properties offline publication Buzz Pages.

Buzz Pages is packed full of property related articles, features and adverts as well as property listings for all properties currently listed on the Buzz Properties website.

Buzz Pages property listings contain full colour property photos and descriptions, along the with the BuzzID. Making it easy for anyone to access your property details on the Buzz Properties website.

The Facts about Property
  1. Most people who move home do so within a small distance, normally within a few miles of their existing home.
  2. Most people looking for a property still want traditional offline media.
  3. Most people want the process to be as simple as possible.
  4. Most property websites DO NOT support traditional media.

How will Buzz Pages be distributed?

Buzz Pages will be distributed monthly by the following methods

  1. By mail and inclusion in local press to the local homes close to your advertised property.
  2. Electronically via email.
  3. From stands within local supermarkets and shopping centres.
  4. Handed out by our representatives in the towns close to your property.

How to get your property listed in Buzz Pages

To get your property listed automatically in Buzz Pages as well as on the Buzz Properties website. Simply activate your property listing on the Buzz Properties website.

How to get your work or advert featured in Buzz Pages

if you are a journalist and have an interesting article you would like featured in Buzz Pages, or wish to advertise in Buzz Pages, please email our Buzz Pages production team on

We are always looking for new contributors for our publication, and are happy to hear from journalists and advertisers who wish to be in our publication.